1. The rent including the deposit, possibly supplemented by cleaning costs, will be paid by the tenant to the landlord within the period specified in the lease.
2. The tennand shall be bound by this Agreement after receipt of the signed contract. .


3. Landlord undertakes to deliver the rented to the tenant at the agreed time in good and clean condition.
4. Landlord may visit the rented at all reasonable times.


5. Tenant declares to be known with location, decor and proper state of maintenance of the leased.
6. Tenant may not rent or lease the property to third parties, nor let more people stay there than the contract has agreed, except with the written permission of the landlord.
7. The tenant will use the property in a responsible manner and inhabit it neat and tidy. The tenant will notify landlord concerning, and reimburse all damages except fire – his fault or negligence on the leased property, upholstery, furniture or otherwise caused to landlord. This also applies to loss of any part of the leased property, the upholstery or furniture.
8. Tenant will deliver the object and contained inventory therein clean and in good condition after expiration of the lease term
9. Pets may be brought only after consultation.
10. Tenant will be allowed to use the rented property as a holiday accommodation and may not exercise a profession or a business.
11. It is forbidden to use other apparatus for cooking, heating or washing purposes in the rental object other than those provided by the landlord or placed therein.
12. Tenant will bring their own bath and kitchen linens. Landlord ensures that sufficient bed linen is provided.
13. The tenant is forbidden to make music or cause noise nuisance to the surroundings.


14. Posting the rental property to the lessee shall be effected by handing over the house key.
15. Tenants may move in the rental object after 14.00 hours on the day of arrival.
16. The tenant is deemed to have accepted the leased premises with the inventory contained therein.
17. Additional costs (cleaning, deposit) must be stated on the rental contract.
18. Landlord is not liable for the consequences of theft, damage to property of tenant or accidents, except in case of guilt by his side. However, the landlord will never be able to compensate for multiple costs or damages, than for which a normal liability insurance would provide cover under these circumstances.


19. Landlord is entitled to consider this contract as dissolved without the need for notice of default or intervention of the judge:
a. If at the start of the rental period the full rent is not fulfilled;
b. If the tenant leaves the rented before time;
c. If the tenant fails to move into the leased property on the day on which the rental period starts, without a written or telephoned notification, informng landlord that he will involve the rented lease later during the rental period;
d. If the tenant does not properly comply with the obligations under this Agreement.
Without prejudice to the liability of the tenant for the full rent in the cases referred to in (a), (b), (c) and (d), the landlord is obliged – in order to limit the damage incurred in those cases – to seek the object for the time when it is not used by the tenant concerned to rent another; The amount received for this purpose shall be deducted from the principal amount payable by the tenant, subject to deduction, however, of a maximum of € 16,- – due to administrative costs incurred.
This article shall also apply if the tenant is prevented by personal or other circumstances to make use of the leased property.


20. If the tenant for any reason chooses to cancel the lease agreement entered into  or only partly makes use without explicit cancellation of his rights under the contract, he forfeits compensation. This indemnification amounts to:
– 15% of the rental price if the cancellation is more than three months before the beginning of the rental period;
-50% of the rental amount if the cancellation is 1 month before the start date of the rental period;
-75% of the rental amount if the cancellation is 1 week before the start date of the rental period;
-100% of the rental amount if the cancellation falls less than one week before the start date of the rental period or if the rental period has already been entered.
If the rental object can still be rented out for the same period, the full amount will be reimbursed minus a maximum of € 16,- administration costs.

“‘t Stekje always feels a bit like coming home for us. We enjoy the tranquility and the beach. The delicious ice cream of the local shop is great! The beach wagon is ideal for when our daughter is tired of playing and swimming and wants to bring all the shells she found. “




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